How you can spend your time in Amanzimtoti

November 3, 2012

In South Africa's Kwazulu Natal province, you have the wonderful town Amanzimtoti. You could find this south of the center of Durban. The word 'Amanzimtoti' relates to the famous Zulus king, Shaka and the meaning of the word is 'SweetWater'. The king Shaka once reached Amanzimtoti and he felt the thirst of water. He drank the water of Amanzimtoti river and said "The Water is Sweet", for that reason Amanzimtoti means 'Sweetwater'

Amanzimtoti town is one among the most important vacation spots in the greater Durban Metropolitan area. As this city is situated on the coastal region with fantastic beaches provided by the warm Indian ocean, it is quite popular as one of the best beach destinations of South Africa. Queer fish varieties, splendid coral reefs and numerous other forms of ocean life thrive in this coastal area. Beach sport activities are also offered here and you could pick anything from surfing to scuba diving based upon your preferences. Besides water sports you can also choose to enjoy other beach activities such as playing beach volleyball or if you simply wish to stay away from the crowd to relax and sunbathe, you have many isolated beach spots where you could do so. The ocean water is warm and is is perfectly suitable for a relaxed swimming experience. Plan your vacation somewhere in the last week of December; between 19 December- 5 January, as that is the time when the famous "Umgababa Festival" is held. The vacationers who visit this place are offered perfect nesting spots by Amanzimtoti hotels.

Locating Amanzimtoti hotels will not be an issue as there are a lot of options here to fit your budget. You have backpackers, self catering hotels, bed and breakfasts and other affordable lodging options too.

Things to Do in Amanzimtoti

Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary: This a serene riverside bird sanctuary that is one of the most popular attraction of this town. The glittering waters and rolling lawns make it an ideal spot for nature lovers. There is a lush forest area on one side of the water and over the other side you have beautiful gardens. This bird sanctuary houses over 150 species of birds and some of the popular ones are Hamerkop, Greenback Heron, White faced Duck and Spurwing Geese.

Kite flying experience in More Amanzimtoti accommodation Info: Flying a Kite in Amanzimtoti is one among the most recommended activities for the tourists. Parachute and paragliderfabric made kites that are made from light weight sturdy carbon frames could be obtained here. Tourists prefer to use power kites, stunt kites, play kites, sky toys and windsocks. People love to do sky racing here and you too can take pleasure in this sport from the shadow of your picnic blanket.

Skating experience at Galleria: A visit to the Galleria Skating Rink is a must for all visitors. This is one more famous attraction of Amanzimtoti. It is situated at the new Galleria Shopping mall. This skating rink boasts the most updated version of technological devices. Trained skating instructors are also readily available to provide help for people who are new to the skating experience.

Get close to Nature: This is yet another famous attraction of Amanzimtoti which is located on the banks of Amanzimtoti river. This wildlife nature reserve forest spreads over 14 hectares. This area has a rich cultural history. A vegetable patch of riverine and coastal scarp is found here. You can find more than 120 varieties of trees which includes the rare species such as Flute Milkwood and Natal elm tree.

Splash Water Theme Park: According to the local citizens one among the Toti's best kept secrets is the Splash Water World. This water theme park is situated in the Amanzimtoti Mainbeach area. If you have small children along with you, then spending a full day at this water park is a must. This water park features various types of water rides and these are less adventurous so you dont have to worry about the safety of your kids.